Samsung Electronics one of the top five global brands for the fourth year in a row
November 22, 2023

Samsung Electronics one of the top five global brands for the fourth year in a row

Company Samsung Electronics was named one of the top five global brands for the fourth year in a row by a global consulting firm specializing in brands Interbrand, which publishes a list of the best global brands every year. Based on this year's list, Samsung achieved a brand value of 91.4 billion dollars, which is four percent more than the previous year.

Samsung's brand value increased across all business areas in 2023, despite reduced demand in the global IT industry. According to Interbrand, at the company's discretion Samsung Electronics have had a positive impact on:

  • Consistently improving the customer experience across the company based on the “One Samsung” strategy.
  • A higher level of connectivity and an improved gaming experience through the company's wide range of products and its SmartThings application.
  • The company's role as a leader in innovative technologies of the future such as 6G, artificial intelligence (AI), the auto industry, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).
  • Consistent action to strengthen leadership in the areas of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG) through environmental activities along all product lines.

Thanks to the support of our customers around the world, the steady growth of Samsung Electronics' brand value continues, despite the challenging general business environment“, said Ye Li, President of Global Marketing at Samsung Electronics. “We will always strive to be the brand our customers love through leading technological innovations that enable a purposeful experience and by continuing our sustainability efforts.“

Brand value growth based on the SmartThings app, gaming experience, industry-leading innovation and leadership in the areas of environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance

At the end of last year, Samsung Electronics opened a Direct Customer Contact Center (D2C) as part of its global marketing activities to provide an integrated online and offline experience. The company also has a CX-MDE center – which is responsible for enhancing the experience of using multiple devices simultaneously – with the aim of achieving greater synergy between products and improving the overall user experience.

One of the main factors that influenced the increase in the value of the Samsung brand last year were partnerships. Thanks to the SmartThings app, which provides a unified connectivity experience, Samsung further strengthens its open partnerships to connect not only its own products, but also various third-party devices. In addition, partnerships with various companies on mobile devices, tablets, televisions, computers and monitors provide users with an enhanced gaming experience.

Samsung Electronics opens up new perspectives in business

Samsung continues to invest in the leading technologies of the future such as 5G/6G, AI and the automotive industry that will create and empower the users of tomorrow. The company is known in the semiconductor sector for leading innovations such as DDR5 DRAM class 12 nm and active work in promising sectors such as AI, automotive industry and advanced mobile devices.

ESG is also one of the important areas considering the company's environmental activities which have a great impact. Samsung's efforts in this area include greater use of recycled materials such as plastic from used fishing nets, glass and aluminum in the Galaxy S23, Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 series, open licensing of remote solar cell technology used in TV sets, cooperation with the Patagonia company on a filter for less microfibers in washing machines and the introduction of an AI energy mode of operation in the SmartThings Energy application.

Samsung's efforts recognized in every business segment

Mobile devices

  • Galaxy S23 series camera innovations based on user feedback
  • Launching the “Join the Flip Side” campaign and maintaining the leadership position in the foldable phone category
  • Strengthening the position in the gaming industry in order to improve gaming performance on Galaxy devices through cooperation with leading gaming partners in the sector
  • Consistently improving the availability of products and services, including the ambient sound feature on the Galaxy Buds
  • Samsung Global Goals app to launch and educate the Galaxy community on ways to support Samsung's Global Goals


  • Breakthrough 5G innovations based on technical leadership such as 5G Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) and Open RAN
  • Strengthening the position in the 5G industry through strong partnerships with the world's leading telecommunications operators
  • Communicating sustainability aspects of Samsung's 5G network technology

Visual display

  • Consolidating global market leadership through continuous product innovation, including Neo QLED 8K and Micro LED
  • Strengthening the position in the gaming industry through innovative products such as Odyssey Ark, the Samsung Gaming Center feature and partnerships with the world's leading game streaming services
  • Improved accessibility via Relumino mode[1] and partnerships with the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)

Home appliances

  • Maintaining global leadership in major home appliance categories such as refrigerators and washing machines
  • Improvement of the user experience throughout the entire working life of the product based on user observations
  • Introducing a new role for home appliances with Bespoke products and winning the CES innovation award, iF design award, etc.


  • Introducing sector-leading innovations such as DDR5 DRAM class 12 nm and consolidating a leading position in the market
  • Strengthening partnerships in high-growth areas such as AI and the automotive industry
  • Extending Exynos processors to portable devices and 5G
  • Increasing reliability with ISOCELL sensors on leading smartphones from major manufacturers
  • Consistent strengthening of communication in the ESG area

Interbrand's top global brands are ranked based on each brand's value score, which is the result of a comprehensive analysis of a company's financial performance, brand impact on purchases and brand competitiveness. This brand valuation is one of the oldest in the world and enjoys a high reputation for its reliability.