Samsung could offer a more affordable Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant
January 24, 2024

Samsung could offer a more affordable Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant

Having released its latest “flagship” phone in the form of the recently introduced Galaxy S24 series, Samsung is shifting its focus to the next-generation Galaxy Z model. It is almost certain that Samsung will present the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 models this year. However, the latest reports point to the fact that they could get a cheaper version of the model with a folding screen as early as this year.

Unconfirmed information indicates that Samsung has already started work on the development of a cheaper model, i.e. a variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 phone. By the way, this is not the first time that such rumors have appeared, the subject of which is the appearance of a cheaper version of the Galaxy phone with a folding screen. The reason for the appearance of such a phone is very simple – Samsung wants to significantly grow the market of phones with a folding screen, especially in the Chinese part of the market, which has a special affinity for this type of mobile phone model, among which Huawei and Honor models currently dominate.

A more accessible and cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 variant sounds tempting

On the other hand, there are also potential problems with this decision because the conditions that currently govern this part of the industry are not the best. Namely, the release of the cheap Galaxy Z Fold 6 version of the phone could shift the focus of buyers in this class of devices from more expensive models that bring more profit to those with a more affordable price, which would definitely reduce Samsung’s profit in the long term.

The first Galaxy Z Fold with a folding screen appeared back in 2019, and since then Samsung has introduced two new models with folding screens every year. This practice could be changed this year, and this is where the space is opening for the release of the cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 6 version of the device. However, the question arises of the price at which this can be done, which causes concern among users in the form of longevity and durability of this type of screen in the cheaper version.

So, there is no doubt that most users certainly want a cheaper and more accessible version of the Samsung Galaxy phone with a folding screen, but not at the cost of losing quality and shortening the working life of the device, reports the South Korean TheElec.

Despite the fact that Samsung previously categorically rejected any idea about the release of such a phone, claiming that such assumptions and speculations are without any basis, there is more and more information and also objective reasons why such a phone could appear already this year. !