Reportedly, upcoming Huawei Kirin chipsets are being developed
August 29, 2023

Reportedly, upcoming Huawei Kirin chipsets are being developed

It seems that new Huawei Kirin chipsets are indeed in the works, as information about the configurations they will probably have is already circulating on the Internet. Namely, this means that the Chinese giant seems to have decided to bring back this line of chips and despite the fact that it cannot produce them in the TSMC factory due to US sanctions, it will use domestic SMIC instead.

Upcoming Huawei Kirin chipsets are said to have options for multiple configurations, and those leaked on X and Weibo just might point to two types of chips.

An account on the X network @Tech_Reve he shared two structures of future chips. The first of these points to a chip with two Cortex-X3 main CPU cores, as well as an additional two Cortex-A715 and four Cortex-A510 cores. This variant should be supported by the Arm Immortalis-G715 MC16 GPU.

The second variant, which also appeared on the Weibo network, implies a configuration with two main Cortex-X1 CPU cores with three additional Cortex-A78 and three Cortex-A510 cores. This variant reportedly includes an Arm Mali G710 MC10/16 GPU.

As reported by PhoneArena, there are rumors indicating that Huawei Kirin chipsets will come as three new models, namely: Kirin 720, Kirin 830 and Kirin 9100. The first two should reportedly be released at the end of this year, while the third could be released early next year, and at the same time to power the flagship phone of the P70 series of phones.

In this venture, the Chinese company will rely on the also Chinese SMIC factory, and will use the 7 nm production process for the production of new chips.

If this information is indeed correct, it means that Huawei still managed to overcome the Western sanctions led by the US. This company was the second largest customer of the Taiwanese TSMC factory before the sanctions that prohibit it from using semiconductors and equipment for their production from abroad.

TSMC, on the other hand, is the best chip manufacturer in the whole world, but considering that it uses American equipment for production, the Chinese company's doors are closed from 2020. This slowed the company's progress and it also released its last major Kirin series chip that same year, which was used in its flagship phones from the Mate 40 and P50 series of phones.

That was the Kirin 9000, and rumors indicate that we could soon see its successors. In addition to this, it should also be noted that Huawei recently certified five new 5G phones, which means that it is definitely planning to return to the big door despite having a ban on the import of Qualcomm 5G chips.