PlayStation Plus subscription sees a 35% price increase with no added benefits
August 31, 2023

PlayStation Plus subscription sees a 35% price increase with no added benefits

Starting September 6, an annual PlayStation Plus subscription will cost: 33 percent more in the US, 20 percent more in continental Europe and 19 percent more in the UK. Despite the subscription going up by up to 35 percent in different regions, there are no details on the benefits that should accompany such price hikes.

The price increase applies to all three PlayStation Plus annual packages, i.e. Essential, Extra and Premium subscriptions.

Thus, the PlayStation Plus Essential subscription for one year from 60 dollars in the USA, 60 euros in Europe and 50 pounds in Great Britain increases to 100 dollars, 100 euros, or 60 pounds.

The PlayStation Plus Extra package for one year will go from $100, €100 and £84 to $135 in the US, €125 in continental Europe and £100 in the UK.

The most expensive Premium package will cost 160 US dollars, or 152 euros in continental Europe and 120 pounds in Great Britain, instead of 120 dollars, that is, 120 euros and 100 pounds from September 6.

At the same time, the annual PlayStation Plus subscription remains cheaper compared to the costs of a monthly or quarterly subscription, according to Sony's website.

It should be noted, however, that current annual subscribers will not see a price increase until the next contract renewal date, which is November 6th. This means that the price increase first affects potential new subscribers from September, and only then the current ones.

Although one of the directors of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Adam Mitchell, wrote that the price increase will help the company ensure high-quality games and additional benefits – he gave absolutely no details about the improvements to the service.

By the way, this is just one in a series of price increases for online subscriptions: the Spotify platform has also recently raised prices, and YouTube may do the same because it has already raised prices for users in the US.