PC market recovers, annual decline below 7%
October 11, 2023

PC market recovers, annual decline below 7%

Data from the report shows that 65.5 million devices were shipped between July and September 2023, which is 6.7% less than last year, and a significant improvement for the global PC market compared to the 30% decline in the first quarter.

Big players like Lenovo, Dell, Apple and Asus shipped fewer units year-on-year, but the difference seems to be that they managed to clear their inventories and are now in a better financial position. This allows them to achieve sequential growth in shipments, even when accounting for growth in the education sector from Q2.

Apple, for example, experienced a 29% drop in shipments, but it should be remembered that Apple had a successful third quarter last year in which it achieved excellent numbers after the pandemic, writes Canalys.

One of the researchers of this analytical house says that many negative influences on the PC market have now subsided and that manufacturers expect that artificial intelligence will further push the entire market. Demand for AI-capable PCs is expected to increase from 2025 onwards.