Payment for parking and public transport in the Yettel application
October 10, 2023

Payment for parking and public transport in the Yettel application

Through the Yettel application, users can get real-time information about parking and bus zones and prices. For now, it is possible to buy tickets for public transport in Belgrade, while paying for parking via the messaging service is covered in 45 cities and municipalities.

It is planned that in the coming period, paying for parking through the Yettel application will also be possible in the remaining territories and zones across the country where parking is paid for.

The Yettel app is currently used by 1.3 million people every month, and that number is constantly growing. Users can activate services at any time, gain insight into traffic and consumption, pay e-invoices and much more. For everyone else, there is Yettel Shopping, as a platform for discounts, Green paths for better navigation in nature. Now, paying for parking and public transport is available to Yettel users through our app. In the coming period, it is planned to introduce additional functionalities and continue the work and development of the platform”says Saša Filipović, executive commercial director of Yettel.

The Yettel application is the best-rated domestic application from the telecommunications sector on the Google Play Store. Some of the services on the Yettel platform are open to all interested parties. However, the biggest benefits are intended for Yettel users, and they aim to save time and increase the quality of life of users with the use of modern technologies.