One UI 6.1 leaks reveal better battery life control for Samsung devices
December 8, 2023

One UI 6.1 leaks reveal better battery life control for Samsung devices

Given that Samsung traditionally releases a software update alongside the debut of its flash series phones at the beginning of each year, this means that the One UI 6.1 user interface should be launched with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of phones. Leaks about this software version reveal that it should bring updated battery protection features, which instead of Protect Battery could now be called Battery Protection and offer three different modes.

The current One UI 6 version of the software includes a “Protect Battery” option, designed to extend the phone’s battery life by limiting the maximum charge to 85 percent. However, this limit is not adjustable in the current version. With One UI 6.1, however, Samsung seems intent on renaming this feature to “Battery Protection” which will bring additional customization options.

According to information from Samsung by insider Tarun Watts, One UI 6.1 will introduce three battery protection modes: Basic, Adapt and Max mode for the latest Samsung phones. In basic mode, charging will stop when the battery reaches 100 percent and resume when the battery level drops to 95 percent. Adapt mode will stop charging at 80 percent, finishing the rest before you need to wake up, similar to the Pixel phones’ adaptive charging feature, which takes your sleep schedule into account. Here, Samsung could use artificial intelligence on the device to determine user sleep patterns.

Finally, Max Mode will limit the Galaxy phone’s charge to 80 percent, potentially extending battery life as much as possible. However, there doesn’t seem to be an option for a custom mode where you can set your desired percentage of maximum battery charge.

While these options aren’t groundbreaking or brand new, they already exist on other devices. Still, it’s encouraging to see that Samsung is likely to include these features in its phones via the upcoming One UI update.

Despite providing various battery protection features, Samsung currently does not allow Galaxy device users to see the battery health of their devices. These limitations are annoying, because if the features existed, they would definitely make it easier to determine the moment that is suitable for replacing the battery on the device. Considering that the One UI 6 version upgrade is still coming to other phones, the new features along with the One UI 6.1 version would first come to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, and gradually to other Galaxy devices.