Now Google AI chatbot Bard can watch YouTube videos for you
November 25, 2023

Now Google AI chatbot Bard can watch YouTube videos for you

A new useful tool provided by Google AI chatbot Bard can analyze individual YouTube videos for you, providing you with certain information like key points in the video such as recipe ingredients or something similar. All this can be extremely useful, but at the same time it can cause concern for content creators on this platform.

If you often find yourself stuck with half the ingredients you need for a dish, while trying to remember the others, you can now use Bard for that. As the portal TheVerge noticed when testing the recipe for Espresso Martini from the YouTube channel America's Test Kitchen, Bard works quite well in this case.

All you have to do to get all the ingredients is a few simple questions to the Bard chatbot. He should soon give you a complete list of ingredients and some step-by-step instructions for preparing them.

In this case, the Google AI chatbot Bard correctly identified everything in the video summary, the ingredients and measurements are correct, and the preparation instructions were also mostly correct. However, this is precisely where the problem lies. The aforementioned YouTube channel has already published the full recipe on its site, but the recipe is behind a paywall, like most of the content on this site. Their video doesn't include a recipe in the description of the video, which means that practically Bard is jumping over payment barriers in an interesting way.

Also, if you don't use a YouTube Premium account that removes ads, or an ad blocker, this way you skip the step where you start playback, and then wait for the ads at the beginning of the video and the recommended recordings from the channel at the end of the video to pass. That's great for users, but probably not so great for channel owners.

However, it is likely that this AI feature will be regulated, and possibly discontinued, given that it is still available as part of Labs options that are still part of the experiment. Also, the Google AI chatbot Bard couldn't just pull out a complete recipe, but it did when it was required to provide step-by-step preparation instructions and ingredients. It is possible that the feature will be improved, or on the contrary, it may not even reach widespread use due to the mentioned problem it can cause for content creators.

When and if Google issues an official statement about the aforementioned conflict of interest between its YouTube platform and AI chatbots, it's sure to rumble through the media.