New troubles for iPhone 15 users despite an update that was supposed to solve the problems
October 13, 2023

New troubles for iPhone 15 users despite an update that was supposed to solve the problems

Despite the iOS 17.0.3 software update of the latest Apple phones that was supposed to solve the overheating issues of these devices, the woes of iPhone 15 users are not over as their phones are now shutting down for no apparent reason. This, as some of them report, additionally has the effect of disabling certain functions on the phones, and sudden shutdowns occur during the night.

So, the software update solved one problem, but it also brought a new one. A temporary shutdown of the phone during the night that happens on its own further caused functions such as turning on a set alarm to not work.

Users concluded this on the Reddit forum, suggesting that the cause of the alarm not working was temporarily turning off the phone at night. Namely, the device then turns on in the morning, but requires users to enter their access code. It also further temporarily disables some features, such as notifications and alarms. Also, after the iPhone restarts, it won't connect to Wi-Fi unless it's unlocked.

So far, Apple still hasn't shared its side of the story, and this issue was also pointed out by 9to5Mac earlier this week. The problem could potentially be solved by a new software update, the iOS 17.1 version, of course, if it does not bring new problems at the same time, as is the case now.

The new update is reportedly already in beta, as Apple has released its third round of beta testing for developers. At the moment, however, it's still not entirely clear how widespread the new shutdown issue is, but in addition to the latest models, it seems that some older devices are also affected.

If the problems with these devices continue, it is certain that the company from Cupertino will be ridiculed by the public and possibly lose fans, of course in that part of the audience where this has not already happened.