Motorola razr phones get a special mode that will mean a lot to many
October 21, 2023

Motorola razr phones get a special mode that will mean a lot to many

Called Unplugged, the new feature will allow you to temporarily disconnect from all apps except the ones you really need the most. The new Motorola razr feature is similar to Apple’s Focus mode, but goes a step further by hiding all apps that aren’t approved.

“People have tried to reduce excessive phone use in different ways. However, there is currently no single universal solution that will enable this and suit everyone, especially since everyone switches off in their own way,” said Lexi Valasek from Motorola, in charge of new product research.

The new app lets you put your phone in a special mode with a different background and layout that only gives access to the apps you’ve chosen.

Motorola razr Unplagged mode temporarily disables applications

For example, if you’re out in nature, you might want to have access to the camera and some other apps like maps and Viber, but you might also want all social networks blocked so they don’t distract you.

The modified schedule of allowed applications additionally ensures that you do not habitually open an application that will distract you and waste the precious time you have set aside for other activities.

All hidden apps will be unavailable to you until you turn off the Unplugged feature.

However, it is possible to allow receiving calls and important notifications from priority contacts, while all other, less important notifications will be blocked.

In the coming weeks, the Unplugged application will be available for Motorola razr 40 and razr 40 ultra models, as well as on all new models that will be presented in the future.

You can find out more information at the following link.