Motorola just changed the future of bendable phones
October 30, 2023

Motorola just changed the future of bendable phones

At the Lenovo Tech World 23 event Motorola presented a completely new dimension of innovation that redefines the possibilities of flexible hardware, AI technology and personal assistants.

Company Motorola has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of mobile technology for years and continues to be dedicated to bringing meaningful innovations and experiences to phone users. Motorola has already included AI functions in many spheres of its devices such as camera, battery, display and improved performance. However, the use of smartphones is currently undergoing transformative changes centered on AI, which serves not only as a personal assistant, but also as a tool that improves the performance of daily activities, improves performance and creates meaningful experiences of using the phone.

Introducing a flexible display that adapts to the needs of the user
Motorola continues to push the boundaries and invest in flexible display and device technology. The new concept device uses an FHD+ pOLED display that can be bent and shaped into different forms, depending on the user's needs.

The new concept can be placed in the standard form of a mobile phone, but also folded around the hand as a wearable device.

When laid flat, the 6.9-inch display shows the full Android environment, just like any other phone.

In its folded form, the device can be adjusted to a more compact “sitting” position while still providing the full Android experience.

Users can also wrap the new concept around their wrist for an experience similar to that currently provided by Motorola's razr 40 ultra, a flip smartphone.

Brand new Motorola AI concepts

Motorola understands the importance of personalizing devices to the user's needs and continues its commitment to exploring new ways in which AI can enhance the customization of devices to users and provide them with a truly unique user experience.

Motorola has developed a generative AI model, which works locally on the device, with the aim of allowing users to bring their personal style to the phone.

With this concept, users can upload or save a picture of their outfit and create new and unique AI-generated images that reflect their style. These images can then be used as unique phone backgrounds.

Motor AI
Lenovo is developing a personal assistant for PC and smartphone devices. The new AI model is developed so that it never stops learning and has a unique model that is adapted to each user and protects their privacy.

The model is also designed with a knowledge base that adapts to patterns and the way the device is used with the help of natural voice or text input.

The MotoAI concept represents an innovative approach to the latest trend of AI technologies with large language models and allows users to interact with a personal MotoAI assistant and receive answers to questions, a specially created text of the message they want to send and many other functions that can improve and make their lives easier.

MotoAI is able to process data and perform tasks locally on the device, thus offering an additional layer of protection to users.

MotoAI also has a knowledge base on the device itself that tracks user behavior patterns and their interests in order to offer a more personal and dynamic interaction experience over time.

2.0 Mobile Doc Scan
Recognizing the need to scan documents in real time and on the go, Motorola has introduced an AI concept model that enhances the capabilities of the Doc Scanner application, which is integrated into the company's phone cameras.

This innovation aims to improve the final quality of the scanned image, reducing creases and shadows to make documents look as sharp and clear as possible.

AI text compression
As part of its strategy, Motorola is dedicated to helping users raise their productivity to a new level, with the help of various applications and innovative solutions. AI text preview takes long chat messages, emails and reports and condenses them to present key information, data and messages to the user for easy and quick viewing and understanding.

Obfuscation of private data
Motorola's new feature uses AI to protect all user information by identifying and obscuring portions of content on the screen that display user profile pictures and names on social media posts.

Look in the future
Motorola presented 4 AI concepts that promise to redefine users' daily experiences – from generative AI technology to background images, which breathe life into the phone screen, to advanced AI protection, which maximally protects users' personal data.

With new solutions, Motorola continues with its mission to create innovative solutions that improve the mobility, portability of devices and the user experience of its phone owners.