Motorola celebrates 95 years of existence and reveals plans for the next 95
October 1, 2023

Motorola celebrates 95 years of existence and reveals plans for the next 95

From communications between the Earth and the Moon, to the revival of a fashion icon through its design family, Motorola commemorates key moments in the past that shaped humanity, but also shares insight into things it believes will revolutionize the world of telecommunications.

Motorola alsoinfluence on humanity

Since 1928, Motorola has been at the forefront of technological innovation. Perhaps the most important moment of the previous decades was the landing on the moon of the Apollo 11 mission during which Motorola radio equipment was used to enable communication between the Earth and the moon.

Technology developed by Motorola allowed Neil Armstrong to share his famous words with the world: “That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Just a few years later, Martin Cooper, former vice president of Motorola and director of its development and research center, made the first call on a cell phone in New York. This call was just the first step in a long journey to give people around the world the ability to communicate with their friends, family and business colleagues at any time and from any location.

These inventions shaped the world we know today.

Impact on culture

In early 2000, the razr V3 was born, and its creation redefined mobile phone design. With its bright colors, clamshell design and slim body, the razr v3 quickly became a fashion icon around the world.

In 2019, Motorola recognized the user's need for faster internet speeds, and the result was the z3 model combined with 5G moto mode. This phone was also the first commercially available phone in the world that offered 5G connectivity.

Since then, Motorola has put its focus on democratizing 5G connections by introducing 5G capabilities within its g series. This spirit of research and desire for innovation can still be felt in all Motorola models today.

Technology transformation

This year, Motorola celebrates 10 years of its g series created with the aim of offering users the latest technologies at an affordable price, including the fastest processors, advanced displays, exceptional design, fast charging, 5G technology and many other things that are usually reserved for expensive premiums. phones.

The company's latest g-series models offer impressive chipsets, powerful cameras and an enhanced entertainment experience when it comes to audio and display technologies, so that users have access to the technology that matters most to them.

Motorola continued on this path with its edge family of phones. In the past year, the company has introduced some of the thinnest phones in the world, the first 200MP camera in a phone, a global partnership with Pantone, and introduced a completely new look to the back of the phone using vegan leather.

The Edge family continues to push the boundaries of what's possible by changing the perception of what a phone should look like, how it feels to the user, and what it's capable of.

Motorola also launched a new generation of model razr. The Motorola razr 40 ultra revolutionizes the appearance of foldable phones and includes the largest external display available on a flip phone, allowing users to see what matters most to them at any moment without having to open the phone. The dynamic hinge system allows users to position the phone at different angles for professional content creation.

In order to make flip devices available to a wider number of people, Motorola has reduced the price at which they can be purchased thanks to the raz 40 model.

The Motorola razr 40 offers a perfectly balanced flip phone experience with premium features.

The new razr models offer users the opportunity to become fashion icons, and this can be seen in the figures that show that 20% of new razr model buyers come from owners of devices from other premium smartphone brands.

The next 95 years of innovation

And while Motorola is proud of its history, the company remains focused on the present, constantly thinking about the future.

This perspective has already yielded results as Motorola records growth in all markets around the world, especially with its premium family, B2B strategy, including services, solutions and unique business solutions such as the ThinkPhone.

These achievements are supported by Lenovo brands such as ThinkPad laptops, premium Yoga PCs for professionals and content creators, and Lenovo Legion gaming PCs.

“At Motorola, we look to change the market with our premium devices and revolutionary features. As part of Lenovo's commitment to providing smart technology to everyone who needs it, we are providing users with more innovative options, and it is paying off as we plan to triple our business over the next three years,” said Sergio Buniac, president of Motorola.

With this goal in mind, Motorola is committed to operating in new markets, strengthening B2B synergies with Lenovo products, and discovering new ways to enhance the Motorola brand and its connection with customers.

On top of all that, Motorola will continue to bring innovation to the market by exploring new ways to improve its products using AI technology, new forms of devices with bendable screens, and connecting different devices in the way that best suits users. With this strategy, Motorola is ready for the next 95 years.

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