Microsoft’s AI assistant Copilot seems to be coming to Windows 10 as well
November 10, 2023

Microsoft’s AI assistant Copilot seems to be coming to Windows 10 as well

A digital assistant based on artificial intelligence (AI) from Microsoft is reportedly coming soon to the Windows 10 operating system. Thus, the AI ​​assistant Copilot, but it seems that the sidebar from Windows 11 will also be found on an older version of this operating system, writes Windows Central.

AI assistant Copilot was officially launched in September this year for Windows 11, and the beta version was available to users a month earlier. Assistant functions will reportedly include add-ons that work on both Windows OS versions, and the portal says that Copilot capabilities on both should be roughly the same.

This move by Microsoft would add a significant number of people to the Copilot user base, considering that Windows 10 still runs on about a billion active devices per month. Meanwhile, Windows 11 launched more than two years ago, and it's only on about 400 million monthly active devices.

Given that the previous Microsoft OS version is still much more popular than Windows 11, the company will be able to say that instead of 400 million, Copilot is available on 1.4 billion devices.

However, the company did not comment on these allegations, and we remind you that official Microsoft support for Windows 10 expires in October 2025. This means either that this report is incorrect, or that the company may extend support for the previous version of the operating system if it really adds an AI assistant. and on her.