Microsoft Paint will soon have access to one of Photoshop’s top features
September 9, 2023

Microsoft Paint will soon have access to one of Photoshop’s top features

We cannot say that Microsoft Paint is a tool that deserves to be the subject of mimes and ridicule of other users when it comes to image processing knowledge. Over time, Paint has grown into a much more serious tool than what it started out as and what people even know about it.

What is most important is that Microsoft has serious plans with the Paint application. The latest updates on Insider builds of Windows 11 show that Paint will get one of the essential features reserved for tools like Photoshop – background removal, the official Windows blog says.

Eliminating the background of an image to isolate a specific subject is time-consuming if done manually. However, the latest Paint update includes an automatic background removal tool that does all this for you.

Microsoft states:

“With this update, we're introducing background removal! With Background Remover, you can now automatically remove the background of any image with just one click leaving a smooth cutout of the subject. Background removal can reveal a subject from the entire canvas or from a selection using the selection tool.””

“To get started, paste or import content into the image and click the new Remove Background button on the toolbar to remove the background from the entire image. You can also use the selection rectangle to specify the area you want to remove the background”.

For now, the updated version of the Paint app is only available to users of the Windows 11 operating system who have signed up for the Canary or Insider channels, but judging by past practice, it shouldn't be long before the new option appears in all Windows 11 user.