Microsoft Paint and AI are Likely the Next Windows 11 Duo
August 23, 2023

Microsoft Paint and AI are Likely the Next Windows 11 Duo

Novi Windows 11 with Artificial Intelligence

According to Windows Central, the new Windows 11 paired with artificial intelligence is likely to be a legendary drawing program. Microsoft Paint and AI could potentially enable the conversion of text into a drawing or image.

Sources suggest that the AI capabilities in this program will be powered by the same technology behind Bing Image Creator, which generates an image based on textual description.

Magic Paint and its Features

The program is expected to feature a “Magic Paint” button at the top right corner of the toolbar, along with a side panel for entering the description of the image that the program should generate.

Once the photo is generated based on the description, there seems to be a possibility of transferring it to the “canvas” for painting, but it is still unclear how this will exactly work. The portal has also published a photograph that Microsoft allegedly uses as a prototype for upcoming features in the Paint program.

AI Tools in Other Applications

In addition to the Paint program, the company aims to add AI tools to the Photos, Camera, and Snipping Tools. In the case of Photos, AI technology could enable the identification of people or objects in the photo, making it easier to “crop” and “paste” them into other areas.

Snipping Tools and Camera are expected to be enhanced with OCR technology, which identifies text in photos. This text can then be used like other texts for marking, copying, pasting, searching, and more.

However, the company is still testing new features, and it is unclear whether they will be implemented for sure. Nonetheless, considering the number of programs already incorporating AI features, it would not be surprising.