Microsoft Copilot AI is now available as a free app for Android
December 27, 2023

Microsoft Copilot AI is now available as a free app for Android

As you can see in the title, Microsoft Copilotwhich has been available as part of the company’s Edge browser since a few months ago, is now available to everyone as a free (with ads) application for Android devices already Google Play Store.

If you are the owner of an Apple iPhone device, and for some reason you clicked and entered to read this news, we will immediately tell you that you will not have to wait much longer before the same application comes to your phones, iPads and the like. More precisely, already at the beginning of next year, which is already in a few days.

Our first idea was to have Microsoft Copilot (implemented in the Edge browser) write this news for us, but that didn’t exactly turn out to be the happiest solution.

However, in order not to deprive you of that experience that we had, we convey to you how the news about herself was written by this AIor the artificial intelligence whose very core consists of the much praised GPT-4 and DALL·E 3, language and visual models of the company OpenAI.

Microsoft Copilot for Android has also arrived in Serbia

Our inquiry read as follows:write me a post for the web portal as news about the fact that from today microsoft copilot is available as a free application for android devices on the google play store

The answer he generated to this query ChatGPTthat is Microsoft Copilotread:

Great news for all developers using Android devices: Microsoft Copilot is available as a free app on the Google Play Store starting today! This app lets you write code faster and easier with the help of artificial intelligence that learns from millions of lines of code on GitHub.

Microsoft Copilot suggests possible continuations of your code, suggests solutions for errors and optimizes your work. You can use it for different programming languages ​​like Python, Java, C#, JavaScript and many more. The application is easy to use and integrates with your favorite code editors. All you have to do is install the app from the Google Play Store, sign in with your Microsoft account, and start writing code.

Microsoft Copilot will automatically offer you relevant suggestions that you can accept or decline. The application is also safe and respects your privacy, because it does not store your code on any server. Microsoft Copilot is a revolutionary tool that will help you be more productive, creative and efficient in programming. Try it today and share your experience with us in the comments!”

We don’t know why Copilot thinks they are for him Only developers interested? We want to say, what’s wrong with us web journalists, aren’t we sick enough to avoid us?

Joking aside, the idea was to see what they would offer us first-hand, without additional modifications to the query, but the truth is that we wanted Copilot to generate some image or photo for us to use as a cover visual.

However, after such an answer, we were not ready to fight with that answer because we assumed that it would not be so easy. But here, if he doesn’t hate you, play around and send us the results in the comments. Or as Copilot would say: “Share your experience with us in the comments“. You can even by voice to issue commandsif you hate to tap.

Let’s not forget the most important thing, as Google says, for now the application is available for certain countries and regions, but it will reach everyone in the coming days. So, check the Google play store from time to time, if you haven’t already been given the option to download. We checked, saw that it had arrived in Serbia and immediately downloaded and installed it from this link.