List of Snipping Tool news brought by the new Windows 11 update
October 3, 2023

List of Snipping Tool news brought by the new Windows 11 update

The updated Windows 11 operating system, in addition to the digital assistant Copilot, brought more functions, among them the Snipping tool list of newspapers with artificial intelligence (AI). Some of them are OCR (Optical Character Recognition), that is, the possibility of extracting and copying text from images, as well as hiding (redaction) parts of the text in order to prevent the sharing of sensitive data.

1. Text extraction or OCR

The new Snipping Tool skin now includes a “Take Actions” feature that actually allows for two options. The first is extracting the text from the image, i.e. the possibility of marking and copying it, while the second is hiding the text.

When you take a screen shot or a screenshot in the Windows 11 operating system, by clicking on the “Take Actions” option in the Snipping Tool, the program gets the ability to analyze the image in order to detect its possible textual parts.

The same function will then give you the option to copy the complete textual part of the image, and you can do the same by marking part of the text on the image, then right-click on the selection and then on “Copy text”.

Once you’ve done that, you can “paste” the copied text further into any application.

2. Hiding text or Redaction

Another option of the “Take Actions” function is “Quick redact”, which actually allows you to hide the text on the image to avoid sharing potentially sensitive data on screenshots.

There are also two ways to do this in the program. On the screenshot, you can click on “Take Actions” and then open the down arrow submenu next to the “Quick redact” option. It will offer you to select information such as e-mail addresses or phone numbers to hide, and when you select any of these information, you should then click on the “Qucik redact” option, which will automatically hide them.

However, if you want to hide a certain part of the text on the image, click on the “Take Actions” option to analyze the text on the image, mark the sensitive test and then right-click on the selected part of the text to get the “Redact text” option that you should select.

You can cancel the hiding of the information from the “Quick redact” submenu, which will contain “Remove all redactions”, and it will cancel the previous hiding of the text.

3. Recording a video recording with sound

The Windows 11 update that also arrived in this program is an improved video recording function, because it is now available to record sound from the computer or voice with the help of a microphone.

The program, on the contrary, will allow you to change the default sound recording settings, and if you have multiple recording devices, you can choose the one you want to record through before starting.

This option should be available alongside the Take Actions features, but Microsoft still doesn’t seem to have enabled the option for everyone even though the update arrived back on September 26, Windows Central noted. However, we hope that this is a temporary error, and that it will change soon.