Linux gets its BSOD version
December 10, 2023

Linux gets its BSOD version

Linux gets BSOD, his version of the Blue Screen of Death. According to report from Phoronixthe latest release of systemd for Linux systems comes with a systemd-bsod service that can generate a full-screen error message on Linux distributions.

Much like it is Blue screen of death caused by Windows, the Linux version will be used as an emergency logging tool. If the Linux system fails to boot, it will generate a full-screen message that displays a QR code to get more information about the cause of the boot problem.

We will see the BSOD feature in many Linux distributions during 2024.

This change was reportedly added as part of Outreach project, a group that provides internship opportunities for people working on open source tools. Outreachy has open source and open science practices.

Outreachy practices can include programming, research, user experience, documentation, graphic design, data science, marketing, customer advocacy, event planning, and more

The functionality of systemd-bsod is still experimental, and GitHub mentions that it is still subject to change. However, systemd is a core part of most Linux distributions, including Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Red Hat.

So, it is highly likely that we will see the Blue Screen of Death feature in many Linux distributions during 2024.

On the other hand, there are currently no significant blue changes on the Windows side. Microsoft has experimented with various changes to its BSOD over the years, including adding a sad smiley 🙁 to the screen in Windows 8 in 2012 and QR codes in 2016. The blue color was temporarily changed to black on Windows 11 OS, before Microsoft reverted the change shortly after the release of the operating system in 2021.

You can see all the changes made in systemd v255 at GitHub-u.