Lexar NM790 M.2 Gen4 SSD – American pedigree with a Chinese soul
January 19, 2024

Lexar NM790 M.2 Gen4 SSD – American pedigree with a Chinese soul

It arrived for our test Lexar NM790PCIe Gen4 SSD which combines features of high capacity and top performance at an extremely affordable price. It is a very interesting M.2 SSD device that many bypass, partly because of ignorance, partly because of the fact that it does not seem as safe and well-known as similar Samsung, Kingston or WD devices. What a mistake! Remember the name of this model – Lexar NM790!

The Lexar NM790 M.2 NVMe Gen4 SSD is a very controversial product for several reasons

Until now, we have seen Lexar as a typical American brand, at least most of us. We know him from the period of 2006, when he operated under the auspices of the much better-known American company Micron Technology and its Crucial brand. Somehow in the same period it coincided that Micron entered into a joint venture with the American company Intel in the field of development NAND memory which are used in SSD devices, but also phones, computers, etc.

At that time, Lexar was primarily a well-known brand for quality memory cards and USB flash drives. However, everything changes after a decade of business, to be more precise in the period 2017-2020, when Intel and Micron Technology part ways. Intel is shutting down and selling its SSD/NAND division to South Korea SK Hynix-u which operates under the Solidigm brand, while Micron Technology significantly limits the activity and portfolio of the Crucial brand, Lexar is taken over by the Chinese company Longsys.

Practically from that moment Lexar begins its development journey on the market of SSD devices and RAM modules, with strong cooperation with the largest Chinese company in the field of NAND production – Yangtze Memory Technology, which we have often mentioned in current news whose topics are US technology sanctions imposed on China.