iPhone 15 Pro Max: Bid Farewell to the Bulky “Half a Kilo Machine” as It Sheds Weight for Improved User Experience
August 28, 2023

iPhone 15 Pro Max: Bid Farewell to the Bulky “Half a Kilo Machine” as It Sheds Weight for Improved User Experience

High-end mobile phones face a serious problem – the constant increase in weight. Due to the installation of larger capacity batteries, better cooling systems, and complicated camera lens systems, the weight of the currently most popular flagship phone models is out of control.

Practically, the weight exceeding 200 grams has become the usual norm for this category, and the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is especially infamous, which, due to its 240 grams, received the mocking nickname “half a kilo machine”. The consequence of this is that the long-term use and use during the day of such phones becomes quite inconvenient, uncomfortable and ultimately quite tiring for the user's hand.

There were earlier hints that the weight of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max model would be even higher, which worried many users. However, the latest information brings a change in this matter because the iPhone 15 Pro Max has successfully passed the weight loss tour, so instead of the predecessor that weighed 240 grams, the new iPhone 15 Pro Max will weigh 221 grams. At the same time, the new iPhone 15 Pro also lost weight, from 206 grams as measured by its predecessor to 191 grams in the case of the new model.

The iPhone Pro Max is a true Bucko Bass among phones

The use of titanium, from which the case of the new model is made, is certainly the main reason for the weight loss, which is why the overall feeling of handling the device is better, according to Fast Technologies.

Although he lost weight and lost almost 20 grams, the feeling of weight in his hand is still present. After all, it is a mobile phone with a 6.7-inch screen, with a battery whose capacity, in the case of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max model, will significantly increase this year.

Regardless of the weight loss, the thickness of the new iPhone 15 Max Pro model will increase compared to its predecessor from 7.85 mm to 8.25 mm. An additional problem is created by the island with the camera system, which will have a more advanced lens system, and because of which this bulge will come to the fore even more. Fortunately, most users of this phone use a case with a cover, which somewhat neutralizes the feeling of thickness, which is not important in most cases and is less of a problem than the excessive weight of the device.

If the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max finally shakes off its derisive nickname of the “half-pound machine,” its sales could improve significantly this year. After all, many users gave up on buying the iPhone Pro Max model because they thought it was too heavy to hold.

What do you think about the trend of continuous weight increase in the latest models? Do you pay attention to this detail and how realistically does the excessive feeling of heaviness in your work bother you? In the end, is this one of the key details when choosing your ideal phone?