iOS 18 will reportedly be Apple’s biggest update since the launch of the first iPhone
January 29, 2024

iOS 18 will reportedly be Apple’s biggest update since the launch of the first iPhone

At the upcoming WWDC event, the Apple conference that takes place in June of this year, the company should present novelties in both hardware and software terms for its iPad, Mac, iPhone and other devices. However, the upgrade to the iOS 18 version of the operating system will reportedly be the company's most significant upgrade for the iPhone, as the Apple update will bring a number of significant changes, according to renowned journalist Mark Gurman.

Along with iOS 18, the company should also present new software versions for its smart watches, tablets and computers – watchOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS 15. Gurman, who often has accurate insider information, will share more details about the update in the coming period. for iPhone, and currently some of the main features coming to the phones are known.

I'm told that the new operating system within the company is considered one of the biggest upgrades to the iOS operating system, if not the biggest in the company's history“, claims Gurman.

It was previously reported that Apple is finally planning to include artificial intelligence (AI)-based features on its phones. The company, compared to other tech giants, is currently lagging behind in the race when it comes to generative AI features on phones, and iOS 18 could be the update that changes everything.

The media previously reported that the company is working on its own large language model, similar to the one on which the popular chatbot ChatGPT is based. While the app itself may not be the same, analysts expect the company to introduce the technology as part of iOS features.

Some of the main features that will be improved with Apple's software update in terms of AI will be aimed at Notes, iMessage, Siri and other apps, insiders claim. Although concrete details are scarce at this point, it is most likely that the digital assistant Siri will receive the most upgrades.

However, the AI ​​features themselves may not be immediately available on the iOS 18 version but on its upgrades that will come out later this year. In addition, the upcoming line of phones, the iPhone 16 generation will likely boast hardware changes to support AI functions on the device.

However, apart from artificial intelligence, iOS 18 will also include another significant change for the iPhone. The company finally accepted “defeat” and adopted RCS support for its devices, after multiple pressures in the tech world. Google led the call for Apple to adopt the RCS messaging standard, and over time others, such as Samsung, joined in.

With RCS support that comes with iOS 18, iPhone when communicating with other Android devices can send and receive high-quality photos and videos, audio messages, typing indicators, message read receipts among other functionalities and in group chats. Currently, the details of this are still not fully public, as the company is working with its competitor Google to implement the changes.Top of Form