Introducing LG’s StanbyMe Go: The Versatile Portable Touchscreen TV-Cum-Suitcase
August 17, 2023

Introducing LG’s StanbyMe Go: The Versatile Portable Touchscreen TV-Cum-Suitcase

If you've ever wanted to take your TV with you wherever you go:

Good news: LG Electronics announced Tuesday that the StanbyMe Go, a portable LED touchscreen, is now available for preorder at $1,000 and will start shipping out later this month. 

The StanbyMe Go: A portable display and entertainment center

The StanbyMe Go is a display and entertainment center packed into a svelte suitcase that you can take with you. The 27-inch, 1080p resolution LED screen is attached to a swivel, so you can raise the screen up, prop it at an angle, put it in table mode, and then pack it up again.

The LG StanByMe GO in the trunk of a car

The beige-colored briefcase in the middle is the latest LG touchscreen TV.


The 20-watt speaker it comes with adapts to the screen's rotation and provides surround sound with Dolby Atmos, according to LG, along with Dolby Vision technology. There are compartments inside the case to hold its accessories, and a battery that's already built-in. In terms of battery life, there's about three hours of viewing time between charges.

It has an HDMI input so you could plug in a gaming console if you had another power source nearby, and it can display content from Apple devices via AirPlay. A built-in app store gives you access to games you can play in table mode, like chess, and streaming apps such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, and Max.

Two people on a deck with their LG StanByMe Go

In table mode, it's effectively a giant tablet.


“Content viewing is no longer confined to the living room or even the home, but until now, consumers have had to sacrifice screen size in favor of portability,” David Park, head of HE product marketing at LG, said in a