Huawei plans to produce 100 million smartphones next year
November 2, 2023

Huawei plans to produce 100 million smartphones next year

With Huawei Mate 60 phone shipments forecast to reach 20 million this year, this gives the Chinese tech giant a boost to ramp up production of future models. Thus, Huawei plans to produce an incredible 100 million smartphones that will be sold during the next year.

With the help of the Kirin 9000s chipset, the company’s fortunes are likely to reach great heights again combined with the planned production figure for 2024.

By comparison, Huawei reached 240 million shipments in 2019 before the US imposed sanctions on China and specifically on this company.

Previous forecasts of analysts indicated that the Chinese company will provide 70 million phones in 2024, but now they also believe that the company could actually raise that number by 30 million, Wccftech writes.

Yet even with such increased production, those numbers are only a fraction of what Huawei achieved four years ago when it was expected to dethrone South Korea’s Samsung to become the world’s biggest smartphone seller. However, that did not happen precisely because of the aforementioned sanctions from the USA.

However, despite the obstacles, the company did not give up and continued to fight, so this year the Kirin 9000s chipset was launched, which was created in cooperation with the also Chinese factory SMIC in the 7 nm production process. Although this chip still lags behind the competition, its very existence is of great importance because it signals that the company will continue to develop even under sanctions.

Rumors circulating online claim that Huawei is also preparing to launch the P70 series of phones, and insiders expect it to be the company’s first flagship phone model next year. However, the chipset that will power these phones is currently still a mystery.

In addition, the Kirin 9000s will likely start powering the company’s slightly more affordable phones, which means we may see new chips aimed at premium devices.

The progress of the Chinese company is logically reflected on its competitors, so analysts claim that the American Qualcomm will lose about 60 million orders for its chips next year, just thanks to the Huawei Kirin 9000s processor. In addition, Apple is also facing challenges in China when it comes to iPhone shipments, thanks to new Huawei phones.

However, it is also certain that the competition will not leave things to chance, so we will probably see a relevant reaction of rivals to the moves of the Chinese company.