How to bypass hardware limitations for installing Windows 11 on older computers
October 13, 2023

How to bypass hardware limitations for installing Windows 11 on older computers

If you want to update Microsoft's operating system to the latest version, but its stricter hardware limitations prevent you from doing so, Windows 11 can still work on older computers. What will allow you to bypass these requirements is to add the command “/product server” in the setup.exe Windows 11 directory during installation.

One of the reasons for the relatively low adoption rate of the Windows 11 operating system is its hardware requirements, which prevent even some newer computers from being updated to the latest OS. In addition, Microsoft has made a TPM 2.0 chip on the motherboard or inside the processor mandatory for Windows 11, further reducing the number of devices on which this OS can be installed.

Of course, some users have discovered more ways to bypass these hardware requirements, but the aforementioned method is quite simple and does not require you to do complex actions or third-party programs that could help with this.

User of the social network Twitter (now X) @TheBobPony posted this on his account with an accompanying screenshot showing what it should look like. Simply, when setting up the Windows 11 system on (practically any) computer, when starting the installation, you need to type in the command line “setup / product server“, which is a command that bypasses the hardware requirement check.

It is worth noting that this method was originally a year ago posted by a Vietnamese forum user, but it didn't reach many people at the time. The mentioned Twitter account notes that it tried the trick on the latest Canary version of Windows 11, and it is possible that Microsoft will prevent this in the future.

Of course, those interested in installing this operating system on unsupported computers should be aware that this OS works well on most devices compatible with Windows 10. However, certain minor features that require new hardware and TPM 2.0 may not work on all devices.

If, on the other hand, you are satisfied with the operation of Windows 10, as most people are, as can be seen in the statistics of the popularity of versions of the Windows operating system, you do not even have to try this method. Namely, a full two years after the launch of Windows 11, it still lags behind the previous version in terms of overall market share. This OS is installed on only 23 percent of all computers worldwide, compared to Windows 10 which counts 71 percent.