Honor V Purse premiered in China
September 21, 2023

Honor V Purse premiered in China

In addition to its striking appearance and screen that bends outwards, the Honor V Purse is the thinnest bendable phone in the world, measuring just 4.3mm when unfolded and 8.6mm when folded.

We first saw the Honor V Purse as a “phone-to-purse” concept device when it premiered at the IFA fair, only to define a new category of devices for users who want the best of the world of fashion and technology just a few weeks later.

In addition to being the thinnest foldable phone in the world, the Honor V Purse is also quite light for its category, and at only 214 grams it breaks the stereotype of bulky foldable phones. All this is possible primarily thanks to the redesigned hinge with a completely new system of micro springs and gears made of special Honor steel that allows them to be light and robust.

Transforming the Honor V Purse into your fashion statement is what separates this phone from anything else on the market. This is primarily due to the phone's Always On screen, which can imitate any case design you want. When you combine that with a wide variety of interchangeable chains and straps, you have a smartphone that you carry over your shoulder or in your hand, like you would a stylish purse.

A photo studio that you always carry with you

With a new 50 MP IMX800 main camera sensor and a large foldable screen, the Honor V Purse allows you to take fantastic photos and view them on the large unfolded, or small, folded screen. There is also a powerful wide-angle macro camera that allows you to immerse yourself in the micro world or use a wide perspective for more dynamic shots.

Honor Image Engine gives you 0.6x, 0.8x, 1x and 1.3x zoom levels, so you can choose the perfect portrait style. On the other hand, the AI ​​Skin Color algorithm on the Honor V Purse intelligently enhances skin brightness and blurs the background to create a bokeh effect, recreating the effect of a portrait shot in studio conditions.

Powerful 7.71-inch screen

The star of the Honor V Purse is certainly the large modern 7.71-inch 2K flexible OLED screen with a brightness of 1,600 nits. The phone is equipped with an anti-reflective layer that allows the screen to remain visible even on a very sunny day.

To ensure the durability of the outward-opening flexible screen, Honor designed a multi-layer screen protector for the Honor V Purse. The device is specially reinforced to withstand daily use, and the screen can withstand 200,000 openings and closings, as well as minor shocks and abrasions. This allowed it to be the first phone with an outward-bending screen to receive 5 stars in the drop test and 5 stars in screen shock resistance from the renowned world leader SGS.

Honor V Purse takes care of your eyes

In addition to the high maximum brightness of the screen, the Honor V Purse has not forgotten about your eyes. So in low light conditions, the screen brightness drops to just 2 nits, allowing you and your eyes to rest. In addition, PWM dimming of the screen at a frequency of 2,160 Hz practically eliminates unwanted flickering, reducing the harmful impact of looking at the screen at night and promoting the secretion of melatonin, which improves your sleep.

Silicon-carbon battery

Another innovation of the Honor V Purse phone is its two silicon-carbon batteries that provide a total of 4,500 mAh of capacity for the daily challenges of modern life. The implementation of a new low-voltage charging technology and a redesigned integrated circuit of the battery cells allow up to 360% more charging compared to traditional graphite batteries.

These batteries are responsible for the thin case of the Honor V Purse phone, but also for 8.7 hours of video playback, 10.6 hours of reading or 16 hours of listening to music online with the large screen open.

Separate your private and business life with MagicOS 7.2

Parallel Space is a separate part of the phone designed to protect your sensitive data, but also to take advantage of the foldable form of the screen, allowing you to separate sensitive business data and applications from personal documents and photos. With Parallel Space you also have the option to simultaneously display both profiles in two separate windows and to enable interaction between these profiles.

In addition to Parallel Space, the new MagicOS 7.2 brings new functionalities such as AOD design, Honor Notes, YOYO Suggestions, Magic Ring and many other security features. They are aimed at easy connection with other devices and improving the daily use of the phone.

The handbag of the future is already here

The lightest and thinnest phone-purse in the world, the Honor V Purse has arrived and offers you the opportunity to feel the benefits of the future today. Whether you want everyone to see your style, or enjoy all the benefits of a modern bendable phone, the Honor V Purse offers it all, and a little more.