Guardians of the Galaxy, an unfairly neglected game, is now free on the Epic Games Store
January 6, 2024

Guardians of the Galaxy, an unfairly neglected game, is now free on the Epic Games Store

If you have recently jumped between the skyscrapers of New York as Spider-Man in the latest blockbuster game from Marvel, another great adventure awaits you on Epic Games Store-u. Marvelov Guardians of the Galaxya game published by Eidos Montreal and Square Enixa in October 2021, is currently free on Epic's digital store until January 11, marking the end of the holiday period on the Epic Games Store, when games were given away for free.

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had huge success with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, this gaming adaptation offers a unique and exciting experience. Contrary to any assumptions that it is just a sequel, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy tells an emotionally charged story of found family and fatherhood.

Drawing inspiration from favorite characters depicted in James Gunn's films, the game successfully reinterprets the struggles of famous characters like Gamora and Drax, presenting them in a fresh and creative way. The interactive nature of video games allows for an intimate exploration of the narrative, something that is not possible by just passively watching movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy deserves a place in your library

One of the game's standout features is its focus on Star-Lord as a playable character, allowing players to control the charismatic leader while calling in the help of other Guardians during action sequences. This unique dynamic adds a layer of strategy and teamwork, making gameplay more fun and engaging.

Upon its initial release, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy pleasantly surprised gamers and critics alike. The game received positive reviews for its interesting story and exciting gameplay. Despite its critical success, the title failed to meet the sales expectations set by Square Enix. This may be due to the lukewarm response to Marvel's Avengers, a live-service game released by the same company a year earlier.

Within a year of the release of Guardians of the Galaxy, Eidos Montreal found itself under new ownership, having been acquired by the Embracer Group along with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix Montreal, along with the rights to the game. Although Embracer Group has had business and financial challenges during 2023, Eidos Montreal remains a key player in the gaming industry, actively working on an unreleased project.

For those who enjoy superhero video games, Guardians of the Galaxy offers a refreshing and under-recognized experience. Don't miss the opportunity to download a free copy from this link on the Epic Games Store, where it is available until January 11 at 1am CET.

Despite being overlooked in comparison to big names like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 or Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, this hidden gem deserves a place in your gaming library.