Google Titan Security Keys ready for a ‘world without passwords’
November 18, 2023

Google Titan Security Keys ready for a ‘world without passwords’

Security Google Titan Security Keys are the latest version of these devices, ready to work with the new passwordless technology being pushed lately by Apple, Microsoft, Google and other tech companies. There are two new versions of the dongle available in the Google Store, one with a USB-C connection that costs US$35 and another with a USB-A connection that costs US$30. Both models, like the previous 2021 versions, also have NFC for wireless connection to phones and other mobile devices.

The transition to a “world without passwords” with the help of a security key should be easier than any other option, writes The Verge. The new versions are compatible with FIDO2 keys, so they can also serve as two-factor authentication with existing services, and have enough space to store more than 250 unique access keys.

Other technologies such as two-factor authentication, code generators, push notifications, and sending codes via email or SMS can provide some protection against hackers stealing your password. However, security keys go a step further by using cryptography that checks things on both sides: ensuring that it’s a legitimate key and that you’re not handing over login information to a fraudulent website.

If you register these keys to unlock different online accounts with access keys, you can authenticate by connecting the key and verifying the PIN you set, without the need for a password.

You can read more about access keys here.