Google Play Store makes it easy to identify safe apps
November 4, 2023

Google Play Store makes it easy to identify safe apps

Google Play Store introduces a new badge to mark applications that meet industry security and privacy standards.

While Google strives to improve the user experience in the Play Store, it also wants to keep security and privacy top priorities. Developers don't always make it easy to understand user consent requests when downloading and installing, so Google seems intent on addressing this challenge.

The new store update will now flag apps that are independently verified as appropriate in terms of privacy and security, it says Google blog.

However, Google notes that this does not necessarily mean that the app is not susceptible to vulnerabilities, such as hacking. Instead, it simply means that the developer has made privacy and security the top two priorities for the app's users. To begin with, the Google Play Store will on the pages of applications for VPN application set these security flags.

Google Play Store introduces tags for independently verified apps

These labels, which will be on the pages of VPN applications that have been independently verified, are intended to familiarize users with the new changes. VPN apps in particular handle sensitive information, which may be why Google wants to use them to inform users of these changes.

Google has been proactive in warning device users about the risks of downloading certain apps from the Play Store. For example, downloading APK files from third-party sources will usually trigger a warning on the device about potential malware.

Last month, Google went one step further by introducing new security measures within the Play Protect system. This mechanism is intended for protection Android device from malware, provided that Play services are installed. Thanks to this update, you will be able to scan the application code before installation to check for malware. For now, the antivirus feature is limited to India, but it will be rolled out globally in the coming period.

Whether you prefer to exclusively download apps from the Play Store or download APK files from third parties, it doesn't hurt to have support from the store. These types of updates and functionality continue to protect Android devices from malicious code.
Finally, security and privacy shouldn't be factors you have to sacrifice in order to enjoy apps and games from the Play Store.