Google Bard became a Gemini after all and got its own application that replaces Google Assistant on Android devices
February 9, 2024

Google Bard became a Gemini after all and got its own application that replaces Google Assistant on Android devices

This time they were right, not the students, but the insiders who announced earlier this week that Google’s artificial intelligence model will change its name as the company wants to undergo a rebranding. So officially Google Bard has become Gemini, and the change also, as the rumors claimed, brings a new application that you will be able to use on Android devices instead of the previous Google Assistant.

Google is once again doing what it is perhaps best at, which is renaming services while simultaneously discontinuing some others. Given that his AI model is now called Gemini instead of Bard, this is naturally followed by another change, i.e. the cancellation of another service. If you download the app, you get the chance to run it, but also remove Google Assistant. This will make Gemini your new AI assistant, but the “Hey Google” command will remain the same.

From then on, you will no longer have access to the Google Assistant app, so if you want to keep it for a while longer, you won’t be able to use Gemini. Also, don’t forget that Gemini doesn’t offer all the features that the Assistant app used to offer.

When it comes to usability, you’ll be able to use Gemini to set timers, make calls, and control smart home devices. However, you’ll have to wait for other Assistant features to arrive in this new, redesigned app. Fortunately, Google has confirmed that this will happen soon, but the old name will be gone.

Although rebranding has become almost a common thing in the tech world, people still get attached to certain names, as was the case with the changes of the social network Twitter to X, and now this too. Although Google Assistant has caught on with people, Google Bard is relatively new, but it’s a bit sad that the company didn’t give the pretty good-sounding name Bard a chance.

Google also mentioned that Gemini will be able to understand what’s happening on your phone’s screen, and that will provide the contextual information you need. Google hopes that the new app will bring a lot of AI capabilities to Android devices and that the overall user experience will become better than before, since it is difficult for people to break away from the technologies they used before.

The company noted that Gemini will be available in English on both Android and iOS devices in the US starting today, and that the app will soon support other languages, such as Japanese and Korean, which should be available as early as next week. When it comes to Serbian, as well as some other languages, we will have to wait a little longer, but Google wants the application to be as widespread as possible.