Google and Samsung may be merging Nearby Share and Quick Share, which would make the Android function better
December 25, 2023

Google and Samsung may be merging Nearby Share and Quick Share, which would make the Android function better

The latest version of the Google Play Services app suggests that the familiar Android file-sharing feature could be called Quick Share, as well as a similar Samsung option, with unique features reserved only for its devices. This means that Google and Samsung may be merging the two functions, which would give the Nearby Share Android service improvements that will be available to all phones with the Android operating system.

There are many ways to share files between Android phones, but the best option is one that is already available on both the sending device and the receiving device. Any Android phone with Google apps preinstalled has access to Nearby Share, Google’s device-to-device file sharing service that also works for Windows OS. However, if you have a Samsung device, Nearby Share is not the only file sharing option, as there is also Quick Share. Although Quick Share is exclusive to Samsung devices, it predates Nearby Share and has some unique features that aren’t part of the Google offering, making it popular among Samsung device users.

Developer and well-known Pixel insider Kamila Vojčehovska received a new version of the Google Play Services application on 23.50.13. In it, she revealed numerous hints that Google might rename Nearby Share to Quick Share, which she shared on her Twitter (X) profilu.

For example, after downloading the update, she received a notification informing her that “Nearby Share is now Quick Share” and to “look for a new name and icon to share files with nearby devices.” The new Quick Share name is seen in the Quick Settings tab, the discovery option, and the file sharing interface, as seen in the shared images.

While reviewing the Play Services application, Vojčehovska found evidence of the migration process for the new Quick Share experience. This, along with the new name matching Samsung’s existing file sharing service, suggests the change involves more than a simple name change.

Right now it seems like Google and Samsung are making these two services at least compatible with each other, and it’s possible that merging the Google option would be significantly improved by adding unique Samsung functionality. This would further mean that all Android users would have a better user experience, and those with Samsung devices would no longer have to choose between two pre-installed apps on their devices. those with Samsung phones have two applications with the same name, which can further cause confusion.

Neither company, however, would comment on the possible merger for Android Authority, which contacted them about the matter. However, we could see official information about it at CES 2024 or at the next Galaxy Unpacked event.