Get Beats Studio Buds at a $100 Discount and Save 33% Today
August 21, 2023

Get Beats Studio Buds at a $100 Discount and Save 33% Today


When it comes to making some of the best earbuds available today, the likes of Beats and Apple are never going to be far away. So when you get the chance to pick up a pair of Beats Studio Buds with Apple silicon inside for just $100, it’s a deal you shouldn’t ignore.

Save 33% on Beats Studio Buds

These little earbuds would normally retail for around $150 but if you get your order in now you’ll save 33% and pay much, much less. That makes these popular earbuds even better than ever, especially if you like a splash of color in your life.

Colorful Options

The AirPods and AirPods Pro are popular earbuds, of course. But they’re only available in boring white. What makes the Beats Studio Buds so cool is the color options with this deal netting you Black, Beats Red, White, Sunset Pink, or Ocean Blue. The Moon Gray color is out of stock at the moment, but with five other colors to choose from we’re sure there’s one for every taste.

Impressive Features

In terms of features, you’ll get the same no matter which color you choose. That means you’ll benefit from built-in microphones, water resistance, and notice-canceling technology. There’s also instant pairing with Apple devices like iPhones, while that Beats sound is present as well. Eight hours of battery life from a charge and up to 24 hours when you use the charging case just puts the icing on the cake. And did you see that Sunset Pink color?

Act Now!

The only negative? We don’t know when this deal will end and the lack of Moon Gray means that other colors might disappear as well. Keep that in mind when planning your order.