Galaxy AI in the spotlight ahead of the new Samsung Unpacked event
January 9, 2024

Galaxy AI in the spotlight ahead of the new Samsung Unpacked event

South Korean tech giant Samsung recently announced the date of its upcoming Unpacked event, which will unveil the Galaxy AI alongside new premium phones on January 17. It’s Samsung’s artificial intelligence technology, which will also be found on phones, but right now it’s taking center stage in an advertising campaign that barely mentions phones at all.

In the last month, we’ve heard from various quarters that the new Unpacked event will feature “AI” to a large extent, and Samsung is now confirming it, making a huge, and probably quite expensive, promotional campaign about it.

With the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of smartphones, the company’s artificial intelligence will be the main theme of the event, and at least for now, it seems that the phones will be like the vehicles that bring it to users.

In various major cities around the world including Bangkok, London, Milan, Madrid, New York, Seoul, Stockholm, Warsaw and more, the Samsung video shows a metal cube slowly transforming into animated stars that actually represent “Galaxy AI and the transformative experiences it will bring.” bring,” claims the company.

Given that artificial intelligence was practically one of the most popular technology topics of the previous year in which we saw many useful AI tools, Samsung should make a lot of effort to delight the audience. This is what we expect from a company that has successfully remained among the top technological companies in the world for years. We will soon see whether the expectations will be fulfilled, and our hopes are certainly high.