Four tips for making cinematic autumn photos with the Vivo X90 Pro phone
October 27, 2023

Four tips for making cinematic autumn photos with the Vivo X90 Pro phone

Autumn has arrived and this particular period of the year is a favorite for creating landscape photos. The great news is that you don’t have to be a pro to catch all those fall colors! Thanks to the Vivo X90 Pro and its impressive imaging system, which was designed in collaboration with ZEISS, you can enjoy a whole new level of image quality and color fidelity. Created so that everyone can capture rich details and colors like a top photographer.

To take your autumn photos to the next level, Vivo has teamed up with ZEISS photographer Gabriel Santos, who shares four essential expert tips with Vivo users.

Gabriel Santos’ best tips for amazing autumn photos:

1) Be confident and enjoy taking photos

“The number one tip is to have the confidence to go out and just start taking pictures. I’ve always been looking for an excuse to go out into nature and photography became the perfect reason to follow my passion in life,” explains Gabriel Santos. “I’m very happy to have the opportunity to shoot with professional ZEISS equipment because you really get amazing results – especially with smartphones like the X90 Pro, which is a product of the combined knowledge and experience of Vivo and ZEISS.” With good light and the latest technology, anything is possible, including your adventure into the world of professional photography! During a recent trip to the Faroe Islands, I was able to take fantastic and unique photos with the X90 Pro.”

2) Accept the challenge: Take advantage of the autumn sunlight and use the clouds when the light is softer

Autumn offers beautiful morning and evening light, when the sun is lower in the sky. However, shooting the sun can be challenging and you will get better results if the sun is not direct. Instead you experiment with the light it provides.

As the X90 Pro features ZEISS T* professional coating on all rear camera lenses, you can easily control unwanted ‘ghosting’ as well as flare while maintaining beautiful colours, clarity and contrast – even when shooting in bright light. In this example image, the X90 Pro’s SRAW mode was used, which provides a higher dynamic range for processing images taken in very bright light.

The combination of different weather conditions in just one autumn day can be ideal for your photos. When you have days with a combination of sunny and cloudy weather, use the clouds to find moments when the light is softer. It all depends on what you want to immortalize – sometimes direct sun can be great, but sometimes soft and gentle light, when the clouds are above the scene you are painting, is still more attractive.

Camera mode used: ZEISS 1-inch main camera, ZEISS Natural Color 2.0, SRAW

3) Balance the composition and change the perspective

Regardless of the conditions, composition can make or break your photo. Our eyes “read” the image from the top, vertex – that is, the point where the leading lines through the image meet. It’s always fun to play with the elements of the image by directing the viewer to look at the image right at the top.

The bottom left photo reveals the beautiful landscapes of the Faroe Islands and their unique colors, which the X90 Pro easily captures thanks to ZEISS Natural Color 2.0, a professional processing mode that provides true and vivid colors.

“To change the composition, as well as when you want to photograph the city in the landscape, it is important to always look for a slightly higher perspective compared to the city itself. If you are shooting during the hours when the sun is at its highest, it is better to walk and shoot with the sun behind you. This approach shows that whether you have a bag full of professional gear or just a phone like the X90 Pro, one of your best tools is your feet in your search for the best possible shooting position! In the photo on the right, the quality of the X90 Pro’s camera and its impressive capture system made my climb worthwhile as the result is this wonderful shot!

Camera mode used: ZEISS 1-inch main camera, ZEISS Natural Color 2.0, SRAW

4) Shoot in SRAW mode for even better image quality in low light

When you’re enjoying autumn evenings where the light is slowly fading, the quality of your phone’s recording system can only help keep your images sharp and clear. In its Pro mode, the X90 Pro also has SRAW mode, which maintains high image quality and enables successful editing, so your photo is even better, even in low light conditions. The X90 Pro adapts perfectly to different lighting conditions thanks to the large 1-inch main ZEISS camera sensor that helps capture much more light.

Camera mode used: ZEISS 1-inch main camera, ZEISS Natural Color 2.0, SRAW