Fortnite and FIFA 23 took the title of most played PlayStation games in 2023.
January 3, 2024

Fortnite and FIFA 23 took the title of most played PlayStation games in 2023.

The Sony company published a detailed and interesting overview of the most popular PlayStation games in 2023, and the leading positions on the list were taken by Fortnite and FIFA 23 in most of the countries covered by the statistics. They are followed by Call of Duty, and the region closest to us covered by statistics is the Apennine Peninsula, more precisely Italy.

With an impressive line-up of games, innovative devices and a host of other amazing content, 2023 wasn't just a great year for PlayStation – it was sensational!“, the company states in its announcement.

Given that Serbia, like many other European countries, are not covered by individual statistics, the closest thing to us in that sense is Italy. In this country, Fortnite is also in first place, FIFA 23 in second place, but third place was taken by a decade-old title from the well-known Rockstar publisher: Grand Theft Auto V. We believe that a similar scenario would be present in the event that the statistics were kept in our country as well, with given that the GTA series has been very popular in these areas since the very beginning.

Some of the other major markets such as Japan, the US and the UK had a slightly different schedule, but neither Fortnite nor FIFA 23 was left out of these lists.

In Japan, the first place was taken by Apex Legends, followed by Genshin Impact, and Fortnite in this case finished in third position. When it comes to the United States of America, the victory was won by Fortnite, followed by Call of Duty, and just like in Italy, GTA V remained very popular and came in third place among the most played PlayStation titles in the previous 365 days.

On the island of the United Kingdom, gamers paid the most attention to the title Fortnite, followed by FIFA 23, and in third place is Call of Duty.

In most of the regions involved, Fortnite managed to take the top spot. However, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise since it's a free-to-play game, and especially since 2023 has actually been one of the most important years for Fortnite since it entered our lives.

What is perhaps a little surprising is the almost universal success of FIFA 23, regardless of the fact that it is a premium game, this football title managed to place in the top three games in as many as 19 of the 24 markets covered. The only exceptions to this football treat are: Japan, South Korea, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

You can find a complete list of the most played titles by region on the PlayStation website.