Formerly Twitter, App X is testing three-tier subscriptions as it looks to find solutions to financial woes
October 9, 2023

Formerly Twitter, App X is testing three-tier subscriptions as it looks to find solutions to financial woes

While details are currently scarce, rumors indicate that the social network formerly known as Twitter and now X is testing a three-tier subscription that should affect the number of ads you'll see while using it. The current Premium subscription that costs eight dollars per month (formerly Twitter Blue) should be divided into: Basic, Standard and Plus levels.

Those who opt for the basic Basic category will reportedly continue to see the regular amount of advertisements that appear on this social network. Those with the Standard package will see half as many ads, which is equivalent to the current benefit for those with current Premium accounts, while those with the Plus subscription will not be bombarded with ads at all, writes Bloomberg.

The amount of the potential subscription is still unknown, but the owner of this network, billionaire Ilon Mask, recently announced the possibility of a mandatory subscription for all users, which supports the latest rumors. However, even then Mask, speaking about the subscription, did not specify the possible prices, but spoke of it as a “small monthly payment”.

Although this raises the hope of a correct amount of money for using an online platform, it should be pointed out that “small monthly payment” from the point of view of billionaires and “ordinary” people can have quite different meanings.

Apart from the advantages related to advertisements on the X network and the new subscription system, which the company and Mask have not personally confirmed, the other benefits of the introduction of subscriptions are still unknown. Also, it remains unclear whether the new three tiers of subscriptions would actually be a mandatory subscription for all users, or just for those willing to pay to get certain benefits in return.

Although the network's CEO Linda Jacarino stated that advertisers, albeit with reduced budgets, are slowly returning to the platform, media reports that X's ad revenue is declining. Reuters reported that the network's advertising revenue in the US has been falling every month since Musk bought it last year.

With that in mind, the reasons for subscription can definitely be financial problems or simply the desire for higher income, and then profit. X is not the only social network considering the introduction of subscriptions. The company Meta is reportedly planning to make a similar move in the EU for the use of social networks Facebook and Instagram, and at not so low prices.