Criticism of Apple continues: along with Spotify and Epic Games, Xbox also announced
January 30, 2024

Criticism of Apple continues: along with Spotify and Epic Games, Xbox also announced

This month, Apple made another milestone in its business, as it opened the door to other app stores on its iOS platform in the European Union, but by being forced by the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).Since announcing how the company will comply with the provisions of this law, other technology companies began to resent and express criticism on Apple’s account, pointing out that the implementation of the novel will bring more harm than good.

Those criticizing include Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, who called Apple’s plan “hot garbage,” while Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said it was extortion. Today they were joined by Sara Bond, the Xbox president, who stated that the new Apple policy is a step in the wrong direction.

Apple has agreed to a provision in the law that effectively forces it to allow the sale of iOS apps through third-party stores on its mobile devices in the EU, but they will have to be approved by a human review process. Commissions during these purchases reduced to 17 percent for applications sold outside the App Store, but developers will still have to pay a fee of 0.50 euros in the name of “core technology” for the first installation of applications, which will be dropped only after a million installation.

Daniel Ek claims that Apple thus forces developers to remain in the status quo position, because what the American company offers is not a real alternative. Sara Bond adds that constructive conversations drive changes and progress towards open platforms as well as greater competition.

Criticism of the Apple account may change something, considering that the way of implementing the new way of working is not completely official, until the European Commission (EC) declares itself about this process, the beginning of which is announced for March 7 of this year.

If the EC is not satisfied, Apple could face strong measures in the form of fines if it does not meet the requirements, which means that the fight for a more open app market is still on.