Counter-Strike 2 is officially launched and free, no more CS:GO
September 29, 2023

Counter-Strike 2 is officially launched and free, no more CS:GO

After more than a decade, the legendary Valve shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO, is getting a long-awaited upgrade in the form of the Counter-Strike 2 version, which was officially launched this week. On the Steam platform, the new version replaces the old one, is completely free, and has received updates such as smoke grenades, redesigned maps and improved online features.

Counter-Strike 2 brings improved graphics as well as technical changes in aiming and shooting, and switches to the newer Valve Source 2 engine. It improves her, some would say much-needed appearance of the characters, reworks the sound, user interface and brings upgraded Community Workshop tools.

As mentioned, you can download the new 27 GB version for free from the Steam platform, and you will be able to transfer everything from the old game. Thus, the complete inventory that you have collected over the years will soon be found in the new Counter Strike 2 version, which by the way also has upgraded high-resolution models.

The following are available in competitive maps: Mirage, Overpass, Vertigo, Ancient, Inferno, Nuke, Anubis, Dust 2 and Office. Italy is also available but not part of the competitive pool for finding opponents and teammates for 5v5.

In March, after several years of rumors, Valve announced the game and opened a limited beta test. A few months later – we officially got it.