ChatGPT gets lazy and tells users to solve their own tasks they give it
December 12, 2023

ChatGPT gets lazy and tells users to solve their own tasks they give it

Although for months the artificial intelligence chatbot of the company OpenAI has been filling the newspaper columns that raise it to the heavens because it helps people in work and in the most diverse tasks, it seems that over time ChatGPT is getting lazy. Namely, more and more users report that this bot simply “doesn't want” to solve the problems they give it.

Although the chatbot doesn't explicitly say that it doesn't want to do the task it was given, it practically spits out responses that encourage the user to do the task themselves. So, instead of helping users through their answers, ChatGPT gives them suggestions on how to solve the problem they are facing.

This led more users to start talking about ChatGPT becoming lazy, and a lot of complaints appeared on social network X, formerly known as Twitter. Soon after, complaints began to appear on other platforms as well, writes Wccftech.

In the screenshots that you can see below, it can be seen that the OpenAI chatbot, although it receives understandable queries, instead of actual answers, it only gives suggestions on how the task could be completed.

Some of them pretended to have some sort of disability just to get the platform to actually do the job they told it to do, which sounds as funny as it is dark. The company, to the surprise of many, admitted that there was a problem and she expressed her desire to fix it.

However, it is still not clear when exactly the problem will be solved, nor what is the cause for such a thing. Have you recently had problems with the ChatGPT bot and were they similar to the ones mentioned or were they of a different type?