CEO Jensen Huang: Nvidia wouldn’t exist without TSMC
November 11, 2023

CEO Jensen Huang: Nvidia wouldn’t exist without TSMC

Two companies, Nvidia i TSMC, they have a lot to thank each other for. The former admitted it to the latter without much hesitation, with much gratitude. At a prestigious ceremony in Taipei on November 9, the founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Morris Chang, was awarded the Inaugural Li Kuo-Ting Award, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the development of science and technology in Taiwan, reports DigiTimesAsia.

The event was attended by prominent leaders in the technology industry, including Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang, who highlighted TSMC's key role in Nvidia's existence.

During his speech, Huang expressed his deep respect for Morris Chang, stating: “Nvidia would not be possible without TSMC.” He attributed to TSMC the status of an exceptional and amazing company that constantly adapts to the changing needs of its customers. According to Huang, TSMC's support was instrumental in building Nvidia, enabling the company to lead the artificial intelligence revolution and reshape the technology industry.

Nvidia: TSMC is a company for which there are no obstacles

Huang recalled his first meeting with Morris Chang, emphasizing corporate governance and integrity. He described them as a company that can “jump through hoops”, alluding to their exceptional ability to meet the diverse demands of clients.

Nvidia's CEO credited his partner with a major role in the advancement of GPU-accelerated computing, arguing that without TSMC, Nvidia would not have reached its current heights. He highlighted his partner's unparalleled influence, citing three notable quirks: customizing chips for thousands of customers, mass production with retail customization, and rapid advancements in chip technology.

As we wrote yesterday, Nvidia found a way to ship high-performance GPUs to China, bypassing updated US export restrictions on artificial intelligence chips. Reportedly, future H20, L20 and L2 GPUs are designed to bypass these restrictions and should enter mass production in the coming month.

The foundation of the success, as pointed out during the ceremony, is tied to KT Li, the visionary statesman and physicist known as the “Architects of Taiwan's Economic Miracle”. Morris Chang credited Li with a significant role in his 1976 connection, recruitment to Taiwan, and founding of the company in 1987. Chang pointed out, “Without KT Li, TSMC would not exist.”

The Li Kuo-Ting Award, presented by the KT Li Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology, recognizes individuals with outstanding contributions to the field of science and technology.

Mark Liu, president of TSMC, answered media questions after the event, confirming that their 1.4 nanometer technology will remain in Taiwan, confirming the company's commitment to advancing semiconductor manufacturing domestically.

The ceremony and awards highlight the profound impact Morris Chang and TSMC have had on the global technology landscape.