Call of Duty and The Walking Dead crossover announced
February 1, 2024

Call of Duty and The Walking Dead crossover announced

The Call of Duty franchise has been increasingly turning to crossover content over the past few years, with many different media properties finding their way into the popular game – whether it's seasonal events or in-game characters. Ahead of the announcement of the second season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, the team behind the game has released an official teaser video that presents a crossover game with the dark world of The Walking Dead title.

The official YouTube channel of Call of Duty published a newspaper where we see that The Walking Dead will be part of the content of MWIII season two.

While the video is short and shows very little content, it's based on the characters involved, and it's likely we'll see operator “skins” released for fan favorites Rick Grimes and Michonne.

However, the popularity of The Walking Dead titles has declined over the years, but the fact that Modern Warfare III includes a Zombies mode presents an interesting and unique opportunity for Activision, an American video game publisher.

With that said, we hope that it will improve the game, and that the crossover will in fact be essential.