Benchmark view of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of phones from the spot
January 17, 2024

Benchmark view of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of phones from the spot

The Samsung Galaxy S24 phones have arrived, and Benchmark is on-site in San Jose, California, bringing you the essentials on Samsung’s highly anticipated premium devices. Although novelties in the field of specifications and design are present, where they are definitely the easiest to spot, because there are most of them, is precisely the software side, that is, the artificial intelligence functions on these devices. They bring Galaxy AI era in the world of mobile phones, and below you can get to know it with the first Benchmark look at them.

The Galaxy S24 series has arrived with Galaxy AI capabilities

The new era of mobile telephony marked by artificial intelligence is in fact the third great era, if we put the arrival of the Internet on phones as the first, followed by the one that brought us cameras on them.

The Galaxy S24 smartphone is available at a retail price of RSD 104,999, the Galaxy S24+ at RSD 134,999 and the Galaxy S24 Ultra at RSD 169,999.

The Samsung company, as in a number of years behind us, in its best series of phones brings three new members that have similar characteristics, but are intended for different types of customers: the basic Samsung Galaxy S24 model, then Samsung Galaxy S24+ and of course, the flagship phone of the series with the best characteristicsSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.