Benchmark: another one is behind us and a new one is coming
December 31, 2023

Benchmark: another one is behind us and a new one is coming

As every year, in the period of transition from the old to the new, it is time to look back at what we are in Benchmark newsroom did in the previous 365 days: to see what was good, but for us personally maybe even more, to understand where we made mistakes in order to try to make them significantly less in the future.

The year 2023 brought us really different situations: many beautiful but also some less beautiful moments: some unwanted situations in which you have to find the right solution, sometimes it's painful and not very easy – but decisions have to be made.

What was very important for us last year was the new one Benchmark cheese: really a lot of work was done on it, hundreds of working hours and a lot of energy was spent on what we usually call, the foot work of adapting the old content to the new look of the site.

And finally, the Benchmark retrospective of 2023 in one video attachment

But in the end we can be satisfied with what was done, today it looks beautiful and modern in the opinion of an ever greater number of visitors: any change over the past two decades would have been painful, but this time we think a good job was done.

See how we summed up this year in just over eight minutes of video: