Be relaxed when it comes to your data and privacy on vivo phones
September 30, 2023

Be relaxed when it comes to your data and privacy on vivo phones

In the vivo company, reliable data protection is one of the most important ways in which they take care of their users. In the digital world, data privacy and its secure storage should not be considered a luxury, but an absolute norm within every product. This is precisely why every vivo smartphone must adhere to the same uncompromising high standards of data security and privacy protection. Regardless of whether the vivo device is a flagship or a mid-range phone, vivo considers the security of data and privacy to be its most important obligation.

Where does vivo store user data?

vivo's user protection philosophy is reflected in the innovative operating system, Funtouch OS, which offers a wide range of user functions and hidden security and privacy mechanisms that users can rely on. Funtouch OS also features a complex yet simple data storage method, designed in accordance with local regulations and regional laws to ensure a high standard of privacy policy and practice.

Following the principle of data minimization, only necessary personal data is collected and used. When personal data is processed online, vivo ensures that the process is done on one of their secure servers. Also, data from devices that are distributed in the European Economic Area will be safely stored in Germany.

Do vivo devices have special security features?

vivo devices are carefully designed with a focus on data security and privacy protection. For example, there are smart functions such as Screen-Pinning, i.e. screen mirroring, which gives users the ability to allow others to use their phone, but also to limit access to only selected applications – or even to display only selected content, while preventing everyone else access.

In addition, the Find My Device feature allows users to track their device through their Google account, which is especially important in cases where the phone is lost or stolen. In addition to finding the device remotely, it is also possible to lock and delete data if it turns out that the device is lost forever in any way.

If a vivo user decides to permanently cancel their account and delete their personal data stored by vivo, the company provides a quick response through various channels, including a very convenient in-app account cancellation function. In addition, there is a privacy center with different types of support.

How can data be transferred from one phone to another?

vivo makes it easy to transfer data to new devices without losing precious pictures and other data, as well as the ability to completely remove data from the old device when necessary.

Regardless of whether users have mid-range devices or the latest models, transferring data from their previous vivo phone to the next one is safe and simple, thanks to the EasyShare application. Do you want to transfer contacts or messages from your old phone? Simply download the EasyShare app to handle your data freely.

Do vivo devices have special settings for managing user data?

There are situations where users want to reset their phone settings, but they don't want to lose their precious data or they really want to wipe everything. That's why vivo smartphones come with two different settings.

One to reset the default settings of the device and the other to completely erase all data from the phone. While Reset All Settings restores system defaults and clears system settings data, such as Wi-Fi passwords or paired Bluetooth device information, it will not delete app data or files stored on the phone.

However, if users have already transferred their data to a new device and want to pass on their phone or sell it, the “wipe all data” option offers the option to permanently remove all traces of personal data or saved files and photos.

vivo is sincerely committed to doing the right thing the right way in everything it does. Data security and privacy protection are no exception – on the contrary, it is their priority, regardless of whether vivo users own a low- or mid-range device or the latest flagship model.

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