Apple invests millions of dollars daily towards developing a conversational artificial intelligence
September 7, 2023

Apple invests millions of dollars daily towards developing a conversational artificial intelligence

With the announcement of the Apple iOS 17 operating system for mobile devices, new information has emerged about an upcoming feature that is expected to be part of the improved Siri assistant on the next iOS 18 version. A recent report details Apple's efforts to invest in conversational artificial intelligence.

According to the report, Siri will gain enhanced integration with Apple's automation tool, Shortcuts, as a standard feature in the future iOS 18 operating system.

The development of artificial intelligence in the Apple way

As per the information provided, the Apple Siri team is planning to develop a language model that will allow users to automate complex tasks through the Siri voice assistant. This will enable users to, for example, convert the last five photos into GIF format using a simple voice command.

The new feature is connected to the Apple Shortcuts application, which allows users to manually program a series of actions that they frequently perform using different applications. It is expected to be released alongside the new version of the iPhone operating system next year, as reported by The Information.

The report also highlights the role of Johnny Gianandrea, who joined Apple after leaving Google. He leads a team of 16 professionals dedicated to developing a conversational AI model called Foundational Models. This team invests millions of dollars daily in advancing AI computing.

The report also mentions other teams working on visual intelligence to generate 3D scenes, as well as a team focused on long-term research in multimodal artificial intelligence.

Building on Bloomberg's Mark Gurman's July reports, the recent report mentions a source who believes that Apple's Ajax GPT speech model outperforms ChatGPT 3.5. It's worth noting that the code for AXLearn, a training and learning model for Ajax GPT, has been recently released on GitHub as an open-source project.