Apple breaks a streak of 12 years: No new iPads in 2023
January 2, 2024

Apple breaks a streak of 12 years: No new iPads in 2023

Apple decided not to launch any model new iPads in 2023. This means that this is the first time in 12 years that the tech giant has decided to break the tradition of annual iPad launches, since the product line was introduced in 2010.

The iPad has been the foundation of Apple’s tablet product line, dominating the market in this segment and consistently setting the standard for innovation. Since its beginnings, Apple has been steadfast in its decision to launch at least one new iPad model every year, and in recent years there have been up to four new models a year.

The latest models were introduced in October 2022, making the absence of any new iPads in 2023 particularly notable. Instead, the only hardware announcement related to the iPad was the Apple Pencil with USB-C compatibility.

Will there be new iPads in 2024?

This unexpected hiatus raises questions about Apple’s strategic approach to the new iPad lineup. As the tablet has evolved and become ubiquitous, the need for frequent upgrades may be waning among consumers.

This potential shift in consumer behavior could force Apple to rethink its tablet strategy, focusing on more substantial and less frequent hardware updates.

Critics have also expressed concern over the growing complexity of the iPad lineup and uncertainty about the direction of iPadOS development. The hiatus from new releases may indicate that Apple intends to streamline its tablet lineup and redefine its purpose going forward.

Rumors and forecasts of analysts from this branch of the industry are already spreading, indicating a big return of the iPad line in 2024. Speculation suggests that every model, including the basic iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Proget the long-awaited hardware update.

What could be a big change in the company’s policy is that Apple could introduce as many as six iPad models in one calendar year, and rumors point to the debut of the iPad Air model with a 12.9-inch screen, writes MacRumors.

It is expected that the flagship iPad Pro could steal the spotlight with a number of new features, including OLED screen technology, a powerful M3 chip and a revolutionary laptop-like keyboard. Fans of Apple and technology in general are eagerly awaiting the year 2024, with the hope of a renewed and refreshed iPad line from their favorite brand.