An affordable Wi-Fi 7 router is becoming a reality
December 31, 2023

An affordable Wi-Fi 7 router is becoming a reality

The latest TP-Link BE1300 wireless Wi-Fi 7 router with currently the fastest specifications seems to be a dream come true for demanding users who want the fastest possible Internet and local network with all the current fast connection options, which until now have been unavailable at an even normal price.

Namely, the first Wi-Fi 7 router models had dizzyingly high prices, and it seems that slowly but surely models are arriving that will bring the Wi-Fi 7 standard closer to a larger number of users with their advanced options and affordable price.

TP-Link BE13000 is a wireless router that works on three frequency bands and is equipped with two 10G ports and the addition of four more 2.5G ports for fast connection. The fast 10 gigabit ports make no difference in the purpose of WAN/LAN connections, and also support the option of port aggregation, so you can create a virtual 20G port with twice the data flow.

It is also interesting that instead of classic gigabit ports, this Wi-Fi router uses 4x 2.5GbE connections that also support 5 GbE aggregation of two ports, which will certainly be welcomed by all those who “consume” content with a lot of data, such as 8K video playback, AR /VR gaming or transfer large amounts of data from fast NAS devices.

A new generation of Wi-Fi 7 router devices is coming at affordable prices

TP-Link BE13000 uses the Cortex A73 architecture and is equipped with a quad-core ARM compatible processor where the cores work at 2.2 GHZ. The processor has 2 GB of memory available. The router is actually built around a next-generation Qualcomm Wi-Fi chip that can handle 10 Gbps data transfers and multitasking operations.

The router uses 12 antennas for receiving and sending data, ie communication with several high-speed devices at once. Each of them has separate signal boosters, plus a “One-click Turbo” function that easily solves problems with wireless signal coverage.

Among other things, this advanced Wi-Fi router uses a USB 3.0 interface, supports the establishment of MESH interconnection by pressing one button, also establishes a connection with Smart Home AP devices in the same way, and there is also support for the Docker function.

At the moment, this advanced TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 router at a price of 280 euros is only available in the Chinese market, but soon similar models should be available globally and in fact only hints at what will soon arrive in a market that eagerly awaits this type of device. .

By the way, more and more motherboards of the newer generation are arriving with already built-in Wi-Fi 7 wireless network adapters, so Wi-Fi 7 will slowly but surely become a part of our everyday life in the foreseeable future, foreign media reports.