AMD Radeon Adrenalin Software 24.1.1 has arrived with official AFMF support
January 26, 2024

AMD Radeon Adrenalin Software 24.1.1 has arrived with official AFMF support

In September 2023, AMD released the first “preview” driver software for AMD Fluid Motion Frames with the intention of giving gamers a glimpse of the exciting new technology that could take Radeon GPUs to the next level. After all the community feedback, enhancements and feature support extensions along with further technology development, AMD is proud to announce that AFMF is officially arriving today in the latest version of AMD software – AMD Radeon Adrenalin 24.1.1!

In today's latest AMD software update, you can instantly experience an even higher framerate with AMD Fluid Motion Frames – On the latest Radeon RX 7600XT with AMD Fluid Motion Frames and AMD HYPR-RX, users can see up to a 97 percent average performance increase in their FPS; and what's even better is that AFMF is now part of the HYPR-RX profile which can be enabled with a simple click along with additional features such as AMD FSR.

To apply AFMF globally, you can simply enable HYPR-RX directly on the Home tab when AMD software opens to experience a simple one-click solution. If you want to further customize your experience per game, you can find the feature within the Games tab and go to the “Gaming” section to individually apply AFMF and enjoy increased framerates, along with smoother gameplay in various titles.

Inside the latest AMD software version 24.1.1 are also some new and improved features for video enhancements. Now within AMD software, users can enable the switch in the Graphics tab to enjoy improved sharpness and clarity in their videos. This support extends to apps like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Media Player and more.

Note that browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge require an additional step to enable the browser's video playback feature (when watching YouTube for example), which is typing “edge://flags” ili “chrome://flags” in the address bar, then locating “Media Foundation for Clear” and changing the option from “Deafult” to “Enabled”.

In February 2023, AMD announced new streaming capabilities, including various technologies such as a pre-filter switch, a pre-analysis feature, and content adaptive machine learning (CAML) text detection technology – all video enhancement features. With today's software update, we're bringing improvements to these features so gamers can be future-ready, with support for up to 4k resolution for even greater clarity. Further optimizations have been made to support video encoding within AMD software, so users with HEVC, AVC and AV1 encoders can experience higher quality recording and streaming within AMD software.

Finally, in the latest AMD software driver there is a new feature called AMD Assistant. Sometimes gamers can find it daunting to navigate through different tabs, settings and switches while trying to find the best settings for their PC – what AMD Assistant does is monitor your system and automatically enable/disable AMD software features to make your gaming experience the best it can be . For example, if a user launches a game and the FPS drops below 60 FPS, the next time the same game is launched, AMD Assistant will know to enable HYPR-RX to deliver a higher framerate for a better experience.

Stay tuned and download AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition today to experience a brand new redesign and exciting visual refresh. Learn more about AMD HYPR-RX, and if you have ideas about how you'd like AMD software features to continue to improve, please fill out the survey HERE.