AI features are officially coming to iPhone later this year
February 4, 2024

AI features are officially coming to iPhone later this year

During an earnings call with investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that AI features are coming to the company’s platforms. Cook announced that he will share more details about AI development efforts “later this year,” meaning they will likely be available on the upcoming iPhone 16 line of phones.

Apple usually announces broader platform changes at its WWDC event, alongside the release of developer previews for iOS, macOS and other platforms. Then the company also announces certain new functions for its new iPhones, which it launches later in the year. Accordingly, Apple is likely planning to elaborate on these features along with the introduction of the iOS 18 operating system.

During the conversation, Cook further stated that “as far as artificial intelligence is concerned, they have a lot of work going on internally,” writes Android Authority.

“There are some things we’re incredibly excited about that we’ll be talking about later this year,” he said. Cook, however, did not specify which devices or platforms the artificial intelligence will come to, but it can be guessed from some information that has leaked in recent weeks, which reveals that the iPhone will be at the center of Apple’s AI efforts.

The programming code in the iOS 17.4 version suggests that the digital assistant Siri will be able to use artificial intelligence for: summarizing texts, suggestions for smart responses in messages, but also in applications such as Apple Music, Pages and Keynote. Apple is also testing different AI models, some of which run on devices and some of which rely on the Internet.

As for the release of iOS 18 software for the iPhone, insiders and the public expect it to be presented at WWDC 2024 in early June, where Apple could detail some of the fundamental plans for incorporating AI into iOS and other platforms. Even more features aimed at Apple consumers are likely to be revealed by the company at the launch of the iPhone 16 line of phones, which should be in September 2024.