After 15 long years, Sony Xperia smartphones could go down in history
December 14, 2023

After 15 long years, Sony Xperia smartphones could go down in history

It's been 15 years since Sony first introduced the legendary Xperia line of phones, and now the company could say goodbye to it. Namely, Xperia smartphones will probably be replaced by new phones with cameras and different technology, if we are to judge by the rumors that are circulating.

While it's hard to imagine the current world without the iPhone or Galaxy phones marketed by tech giants Apple and Samsung, when it comes to Xperia devices, it seems perfectly reasonable for Sony to introduce something new. Although Xperia smartphones never had the same appeal or user base as the aforementioned devices from other companies, that doesn't mean they weren't good phones. However, they were expensive, and not overly elegant.

The Xperia line wasn't always the flagship series for Sony phones and tablets. This is also supported by the phase of Sony Ericcson devices that were once considered one of the best mobile phones on the market, such as the K800i, W580i and C905 models. The Xperia brand itself began life in 2008, with the release of the first Xperia phone, which then led the company to establish a whole new brand as a way to consolidate its range of mobile devices. The brand's latest offering is the Xperia 1 V phone with a 52 MP main camera, a 12 MP telephoto camera with the same number of megapixels on the wide-angle and front.

Well-known Weibo insider Zackbuks, who often posts information about the Sony Xperia brand, wrote a mysterious post that reads “2008-2023 Xperia Best”. This cryptic message has led some to interpret it as a potential farewell to the Xperia phone legacy after 15 years.

If Sony does decide to consign these phones to history, it definitely wouldn't be the only significant change on the horizon. Other insider reports, however, suggest that Sony's Xperia 1 VII smartphone could get revolutionary under-display camera (UDC) technology in 2025, which doesn't fit with a potential farewell to the brand.

This innovation aims to solve the ever-present problem of the front-facing, “selfie” camera, giving it a flawless bezel-less screen. Sony has long maintained the practice of placing the front-facing camera inside the top of its Xperia phones, and the move to UDC makes a big change.

While other rumors claim that Apple could adopt the UDC technology in 2027 through a partnership with the LG company, some claim that Sony will be the pioneer in this as early as 2025, reports DigitalCameraWorld. All this unofficial information points to one thing for sure: that the coming years will be very interesting, even if Xperia smartphones go down in history.