A new Google AI tool will help you learn English and other languages ​​right in Search
October 23, 2023

A new Google AI tool will help you learn English and other languages ​​right in Search

Learning English and other languages ​​will be even more accessible because there is a new Google AI tool on the way that will help you with that, and it will be available directly in Google search and will have more options than the Google Translate service. To begin with, the tool will be available for users to learn English in Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Venezuela, and the company has announced the expansion of the function to other countries as well as learning other languages.

When learning new languages, it is imperative that we immerse ourselves in books, movies, TV shows, music and news in that language, but it is also important to regularly speak with native speakers of the language we are learning, so that we understand its jargon and colloquial expressions. However, it is not always easy, especially when we need to visit the country whose language we want to learn, and using the mentioned content in a foreign language can be very difficult when we are beginners.

Just to help people overcome these obstacles, the tech giant Google has announced a new interactive feature based on artificial intelligence that will help people in this. Anyone using Android, starting in those countries, will be able to translate to or from English directly in Google Search, and it will also provide them with prompts, exercises and personalized feedback.

The search will provide semantic feedback, meaning that it helps them understand the meaning of words and expressions, but it will also tell them how to improve their sentences with examples of correct expression.

Contextual translations will also be included and will allow users to understand how the translation of words that have one definition and meaning on their own, changes when they appear in different sentences.

To improve grammar, semantics and speech expertise, Google uses an AI model of “deep learning”, large language models (LLM) and machine learning.

Although Google Translate is the company's basic free translation service, which dates back to 2006, it is a valuable tool for basic cross-language translations, such as single words, simple sentences or phrases, but it is often full of errors. It is unreliable for conducting cross-linguistic conversations that require an understanding of languages ​​and their mutual relationship.

Translate can hardly convey context, wider vocabulary, structural rules and language grammatical conventions, but also the way in which individual words are combined to create sentences, that is, syntax in general.

It is precisely these holes that should be filled by the new Google AI tool, which, in terms of the functions it offers, somewhat resembles the popular language learning application Duolingo, according to the company's blog. If it turns out to be a useful tool, we hope that it will arrive as soon as possible in the European region with opportunities to learn other languages ​​as well.